For BCIRPU’s first webinar of 2014 Dr. Mariana Brussoni took participants back to their childhood to remember what it was like to play outside in a natural and less-controlled setting. She explained the benefits of free and creative play as outlined in the research.

Dangerous elements and risk can help children learn and develop spatial orientation skills, physical and motor skills, environmental competency and self worth.

Dr. Brussoni’s team is also conducting a survey to find out how people feel about playgrounds today. Are playgrounds too safe? Please help the team out by taking the brief Play Spaces survey. The survey and more information is also available on the Facebook page, Play Worth Remembering.

For the full report, please see: Risky Play and Children’s Development

As well, Dr. Brussoni spoke with SunNews on Feb. 6 in conjunction with an article on New Zealand’s success in reducing playground bullying: Let kids be kids!

For more research on playgrounds, see the BCIRPU website.

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