Coaches and officials now have access to an updated version of the CATT e-learning module to support them in recognizing and responding to a concussion, as well as resources detailing how to manage an athletes’ return to sport.

The Concussion Awareness Training Tool for Coaches course was originally launched in 2014. The revised CATT for Coaches contains recommendations from the 2017 Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport and other evidence-based resources, including:

  • Prolonged rest until all symptoms have resolved is not needed for all athletes to return to sport. After an initial rest period of 24-48 hours, it is recommended that athletes may be reintroduced to light cognitive and physical activity so long as the activity does not make symptoms worse.
  • Baseline testing is not necessary for post-injury care of concussion. Current evidence suggests that the widespread routine use of baseline computerized neuropsychological testing is not recommended in children and adolescents.

This course was developed by Dr. Shelina Babul at BC Children’s Hospital in consultation with concussion experts across the country and provincial sport governing bodies. It is free-of-charge and available in English (French version to come in May 2019). Take the new CATT for Coaches course and access sport-related concussion resources.

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