BCIRPU Annual Report 2020-2021

As the situation around COVID-19 developed throughout the year, the BCIRPU continued its essential efforts to reduce the burden of injury in British Columbia. Read about last year's achievements and highlights in our BCIRPU Annual Report 2020-2021.

Fall Prevention Month 2021

November is Fall Prevention Month (FPM) and Seniors’ Fall Prevention Awareness Week takes place in the first week of November. Falls are the leading injury-related cause of hospitalization and death for older adults 65 years and above in B.C. Most Falls are...

Potential Lost, Potential for Change – The Cost of Injuries in Canada 2021

Injuries divert essential hospital resources and cost Canadian residents $29.4 billion annually. Injury remains the no. 1 cause of death for Canadians age 1 to 44, and annually causes 17,475 deaths, 231,530 hospitalizations, and 4.6 million trips to emergency...


BCIRPU conducts research, surveillance, and knowledge translation activities in a number of areas related to injury prevention—at home, at work, at play, and on the road.


The iDOT© is an easy-to-use, menu-driven system that makes injury data available to injury prevention practitioners and professionals, as well as the public.

The BC Injury Research & Prevention Unit is a leader in the production and transfer of injury prevention knowledge, supporting the integration of prevention practice into the daily lives of British Columbians.



Injury Insights

Our Injury Insights provide a quick snapshot of current injury prevention research. They are valuable tools to use for print, and use for educational purposes.   Snowmobile Safety (Nov 2021) Material Wealth, Social Connectedness, and Injury (July 2021) Outdoor...