Cold and flu season is here—and it looks different

Cold and flu season is here. Learn what to do about the medication shortage.

New website outlines financial and human cost of injury in BC uses interactive charts and graphs to illustrate the burden of injury in BC.

BCIRPU’s CATT for Athletes wins national collaboration award

The CCCIP Award recognizes effective injury prevention initiatives completed with a collaborative effort.

Helping to better understand concussion in teens: The SHRed Concussions Study

A recent BCIRPU survey found that 53% of people who reported having a concussion in their lifetime got one while playing sports.

BCIRPU researchers study link between opioid prescription after injury and drug poisoning

For those with no known history of opioid use, those prescribed opioids for an injury following an emergency department visit were 27% more likely to experience non-medical drug poisoning than those who were not prescribed opioids.

The BC Injury Research & Prevention Unit is a leader in the production and transfer of injury prevention knowledge, supporting the integration of prevention practice into the daily lives of British Columbians.