Injury surveillance is the ongoing collection, analysis, interpretation and timely dissemination of injury data. Surveillance is an important first step in reducing the burden of injuries and provides data necessary for government, health authorities and other stakeholders to understand the trends and patterns of injury in BC, for the purpose of informing injury prevention decisions and actions. It is important that a comprehensive and standardized surveillance system be maintained so that effective injury prevention initiatives can be developed and implemented. BCIRPU provides timely injury statistics and information through an online data access tool, and specialized reports.


The Injury Data Online Tool (iDOT©), developed by BCIRPU, is an interactive database that provides surveillance data and information. Users select from multiple pull down menus to create the view of the Injury Mortality, Injury Hospitalization data, Traffic Accident System data, and Sports injury data. Numbers, rates and age-adjusted rates can be presented. Longitudinal and cross-sectional comparative data is available and can be further broken down by multiple specific parameters such as age, sex, region and injury type. The iDOT© also provides information on the number of hospital days, and the costs related to hospital treatment.

Contact Fahra Rajabali  for further details.


BCIRPU operates the BC component of the Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program – an injury surveillance system funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada and operating at 15 hospital emergency departments across Canada. BC Children’s Hospital is the only CHIRPP hospital in BC. The program began in 1990 and continues to amass extensive data and information on child and youth injury, which can be used by government, health authorities and other stakeholders to inform injury prevention policy and programs.

Contact Atousa Zargaran  (CHIRPP Coordinator) for further details.